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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words!


My First Model Shoot

February 28th, 2010 Filed under: DSLR by luna

Had my first model shoot tonight. I am exhausted, but I feel like I have to write everything down before I go to bed, otherwise, I will regret it later.

I have been hyper this whole day. I couldn’t even concentrate when I was house hunting this afternoon. I thought about how to shoot the model and how to think outside the box. I even imagined that I would make sweet comments on the model so that she might feel sexier and more confident… I had 2 1/2 hour break after house hunting, and during the 2 1/2 hours I searched all the useful links there is to do the last minute cramming. I found a useful link on how to shoot portrait. Then I ate dinner really quickly and went off to my first model shoot.

I arrived on time, and the model was already waiting in the hall. M was doing the set up, and I talked to the model a little, and found out that she is still in college and has been modeling on the side for 1 1/2 years now.

At the beginning, I had trouble finding the white balance flash setup on my camera which made me really nervous and I felt like an idiot. I have never worked with soft box or CyberSync trigger. Again, I felt like an idiot. Thank God and my parents, I am not an idiot after all, I figured it out real soon.

The shooting process went really quickly. Each photographer only had a few minutes to shoot the model and I had to capture the most beautiful moments of her. It was hard!! Not only didn’t I have the skills, but my lens wasn’t the best for the particular shooting. Oh well….

I will try to post some photos later. All the 400 photos are in RAW, and it’s taking me more than 2 hours to download all of them. I will have to convert the photos into JPG, and hopefully (fingers crossed) at least a few of them will turn out to be stunning.

After this experience, I have to give it up to the model. She stood in cold (40 degrees or less) for 2 hours!! Of course, I have to thank M for this wonderful experience. Without him, I wouldn’t even be here blogging about this. LOL~

I will try to post a few photos later…


Keep It Up!

February 26th, 2010 Filed under: RandomThoughts by luna

I felt better this morning after a good night sleep. No more worrying for my friends’ sick relatives. After all, me worrying won’t help at all. I will continue pray them and for my aunt who has discovered cancer cells in her body last year.

I am so bad at making myself exercising, so I signed up for an expensive yoga class. It’s twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I have to drag and convince myself each time before driving to the class, which is like 5 minutes from my house. I guess I am just that lazy! 🙁 It’s been a month now, and I haven’t felt very beneficial yet. I am the youngest in the class yet I am the worst student ever. My instructor is kind and helpful, but she can’t help burst laughing sometimes when looking at me doing some of the poses. I know I am hopeless and inelastic, but I am trying really hard. That’s why I am sore everyday, even now, a month later!! >_< Oh, I ran into Steve yesterday, and he seemed okay after his father's death. Poor kid, I really feel bad for him, and I hope he would be strong. We joked around a little and he said let's play pool again soon. All in all, I could see the unfortunate look in his eyes. I really need to find a way to help him, at least, lead him to the right path. Need to pray for him more. P.S. We will continue house hunting this weekend.

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February 25th, 2010 Filed under: FeelingBlue, PhotoBlog, TastyFood by luna

昨晚有朋友来吃饭. 做了春饼和紫薯粥接待. 什么时候立春不知道, 只知道今年冬天格外长.

我做的春饼很健康. 罗卜丝, 圆白菜, 洋葱, 黄豆牙和肉馅.

不多说了. 刚从大学好朋友Billy那里听说他LP发现肿瘤. 无语了! 当年我们是多么年轻多么有理想. 就连过平常庸俗的生活我们都不乐意, 只是想着如何折腾着大起大落… 一转眼, 不能说梦想烟消云散, 只能说我们都学会对现实低头弯腰. 我们不得不勇敢地面对残酷. 这就是长大的代价, 这就是成熟. 你要咬紧牙冠把痛楚往自己肚里咽. 当你学会这一点, 一切回忆都变得没有意义. 那些消失的人过去的事情都仿佛与你再也没有关联, 其实也确实如此. 所以又何必惦记, 想念, 回忆?!

越写越伤悲了. 本无此意的. 故此停笔.

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February 22nd, 2010 Filed under: PhotoBlog, TastyFood by luna

过年前Leilei JJ告诉我她在做盐水鸭, 特别简单我也不妨试试. 我灵机一动正好情人节PARTY的时候带这个冷拼吧! 就按照她给我发过来的盐水鸭做法照猫画虎做了. 当时是在老爸家, 所以他参与了切洗工作. 废话不多说, 看照片吧. 这鸭子味道不错. 我们还配上用胡罗卜切好的铜钱撒在上面, 然后Q小某给这道菜起了个名字叫”金钱盐水鸭”.

上周末也就是前天我随一帮摄影爱好者朋友们来到Atlanta Underground拍照. 我拍了3个多小时后就先撤了, 晚上还有bible study, 所以没拍夜景. 有几张自我感觉还不错. 拿出来和大家分享.

好好学习, 天天向上




Candy Applies






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February 17th, 2010 Filed under: HappyHoliday, PhotoBlog by luna


最近实在是太太太忙了! 我感觉自从1-1-2010开始我就没闲过, 然后从大年过后我就马不停蹄上不接下气的! Q小某的房子算是比较容易的租了出去。 在租户搬进来前,我们必须把地方腾出来收拾好。 这段时间每天都在忙这个。

大年过得非常开心。 回老爸家时路上下大雪,开车比较困难。 还好神听到我的祷告,让我们安全到家和老爸过了个愉快的大年。 老爸给做了很多好吃的,其中有个米粉肉特别可口。 照片如下:

最近Q小某陆陆续续搬东西过来。 我忽然觉得我的房子越来越小东西越来越多当然也越来越有家样儿了。 我们依然周末抽空看新房, 希望能在四月前买到。 今年大事很多, 需一件一件处理。 稍安勿躁。 保持低调。 一切都会越来越好! :)

迟到的祝福送给这里的朋友。 祝愿虎年顺顺利利平平安安!


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