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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words!



March 31st, 2010 Filed under: 50mm 1.4f, PhotoBlog, RandomThoughts by luna

最近公司的网络有问题. 断断续续有时候根本连不上. 在没有网络的时候我们无所适从地找事情忙碌着要不就是同事们聚在一起天南地北的8挂. 在失去的时候才懂得它存在的重要性, 也才懂得珍惜. 我们90%的工作都要用网络–联络客户, 查信息, 写文件改合同发e-mail… 没网络真是没办法活.

又是樱花季节了. 来一首”蝶恋花”来纪念曾经的日子.

叶底寻花春欲暮。 折遍柔枝,满手真珠露。 不见旧人空旧处。 对花惹起愁无数。 却倚阑干吹柳絮。 粉蝶多情,飞上钗头住。 若遣郎身如蝶羽。 芳时争肯抛人去。

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March 25th, 2010 Filed under: LessonsOfLife by luna

I have been thinking about the word “EXPECTATION” lately. We are surrounded by expectations from ourselves, the others, certain things, and even out of control situations.

I googled “expectation”, and some quotes came into my eyes.

“Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. Don’t over-analyze your relationships. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness.”

“I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped.”

“I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone’s expectations.”

“Happiness equals reality minus expectations”

When we have too many expectations on someone other than ourselves, we will find ourselves in disappointment. The only person we should have expectations on is ourselves. 从我做起. 如果我都做不好, 就别要求别人一定要做好. 如果我做好了, 别人没做好. 那就不是我的问题了.


My Second Model Shoot

March 18th, 2010 Filed under: DSLR, PhotoBlog by luna

It wasn’t really successful. I took about 150+ photos on last Sunday night, but only a few came out okay. Of course, that is after post editing. 😛

再一次感觉知识贫乏, 设备的重要性. 其实我真希望能够1-1的拍摄一次, 只可惜设备和环境都不具备. 其实… 我感觉我还有很大潜力的!






Let me know which one is your favorite. 🙂



March 15th, 2010 Filed under: DayDayUp, DSLR, PhotoBlog by luna

我现在知道想做好一件事情有多难了! 周日早晨不到八点半就爬起来去拍照, 一直拍到晚上11点! 我赶了两场. 一场9:30am to 4pm和上周一样的fashion shoot为同样的服装商. 一场是6pm-11pm在St. Marlo Country Club Model Shoot. 两个截然不同的shooting. 一个更注重衣服, 一个注重人物. 前者在pulic park露天. 后者是在极其高级的高尔夫球场的club house内, 周围的住宅都是million dollar houses.

昨天天气非常不好, 早晨断断续续下小雨, 天特别阴冷. 可怜了三位模特一会儿就换一套夏天的服装给我们拍. 她们都冻得打颤, 我们只能用最快的速度拍几张然后让她们赶快去换衣服. 傍晚的天气就好多了, 首先没那么冷其次我们就拍了几张外景就都转到室内拍棚景了.

上午Cao Hong老师的女儿也来了. 小丫头也在part-time做模特. 看混血的她那么漂亮我就给她拍了几张. 上面是其中之一.

经过昨天的全天拍摄经历, 我总结出几个道理:

1. 以后绝对不能一天两个拍摄, 否则会累死. 我拍完下午的胳膊就开始酸痛. 今天已经开始全身痛了. 摄影绝对可以算一项体力锻炼加脑力劳动! 真不是一件轻松的活儿啊!

2. 有人support你的爱好真好!! Between the two shooting events, I had less than 2 hours of free time, 这是我全天吃饭时间和休息时间. 因为我只有一张memory card 和一块电池, 所以我必须赶回家充电把照片倒出来这样晚上我才能继续拍摄. Q小某把我接回家(我傻了. 和别人carpool没自己开车, 结果别人要继续拍, 而我必须回来充电赶第二场), 就让我好好休息休息. 我在床上折腾照片的时间, Q小某做了好吃的蛋炒韭菜给我补充营养, 还给我倒了热水喝…. 最后我实在累爬下了, 小眯了15分钟. 5:40PM的时候Q小某又欢送我出门一直叮嘱早点回家别太累着….. 嗯. 有人疼真幸福. 🙂

3. 片子拍多了不一定能挑出个好的. 一定要学会构图学会思考然后再用扎实的知识去拍照.

4. 摄影的真理就是懂得用光. Lighting does all the magic.

5. 虽说好器材不一定能拍出好片片, 但器材还是非常重要. 比如这几次拍摄我就明显地感觉到光有牛头(50mm f1.4)和狗头没有用. 别人都是小白啊, 大白啊~ 好机身啊~ 出来的片质确实不一样.

昨天学到了很多东西. 多数东西是学到但又分享不了的. 但通过昨天的intensive拍摄, 我再一次感到自己的知识面还是太平乏了… 革命尚未成功, 我还需要继续努力!


My First Fashion Photo Shoot

March 12th, 2010 Filed under: 50mm 1.4f, DSLR, PhotoBlog by luna

纯粹学习. 上周日为一个服装商的网站拍了400+片片… 符合要求的不多, 还需要继续努力学习!



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