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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words!



September 29th, 2008 Filed under: BreakingNews by luna

不是我不想加油, 是油紧缺想加都不一定能加到. 我们州的油价已经涨成全美最贵的了. Supply demand theory. When there is scarcity of oil, demand remains the same, the gas prices ought to go up.

从我家到公司一路上有5个加油站(十分钟内). 从上周开始就接二连三都没油了. 只要是gas station还有油的话, 你就绝对会看到千载难逢地壮观景色–一条龙排队排到马路上.

我估计还能撑到星期三. 如果在这之前加不到油的话, 我就只能…… 不敢想象~ 反正最近是哪儿都不敢去了~

有个网站不错. 把所有加油站的点儿全列出来了. 去加油前可以打电话问问有没有油. 如果没油还是别白跑一趟了.

So far, 我听到最夸张的就是某人拍队拍了了3小时才加到油. 而昨儿个有朋友说开车一小时内都没有加油站有油了!

今天DOW大跌啊~~~ bailout fails~~ 我估计美国真迈向great depression了.


Crazy Market Crazy Life

September 17th, 2008 Filed under: BreakingNews, LessonsOfLife by luna

Today might be the day to remember–“Dow plunges over 300 points.”

Since past Sunday night the news was out, “Lehman filed bankruptcy. Bank of America bought Merrill. AIG seeks assistance.” As of late last night, it was confirmed that the Federal Reserve is giving $85 billion loan to AIG in exchange for a nearly 80 percent stake in the insurer. Lehman’s stock went downhill on Monday, and Merrill’s lifesaver is Bank of America.

One of my friends lost a lot of of money in stock market. Another friend who works for Merrill told me that the wall street people are going insane these days, and in her blog, she wrote, “Two years ago I was interviewing for an equity job at Lehman Brothers, the manager turned me down after 3 rounds of interview because I wrote flaky Perl scripts. I was utterly annoyed at the time. Now thinking back, if I were to take that job, I would be out on the street looking for a job today. Life takes unexpected turns, sometimes bad things happen for a reason, and some other times just when you get lucky, there could be nasty surprises.”

We never understand why bad things happen to us until one day when we realize it was all part of God’s plan. Like what my friend wrote, sometimes bad things happen for a reason. After all, God plays a fair game. No one could be a winner all the time, and no one is a loser. You gain something and you lose something else… it’s all about opportunity cost and how you perceive things.

NOTE: The volatility index is 33.86 right now, and I pulled the trigger just now. 现金都换成股票了. God bless…

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